Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Post

My brother affectionately (I hope) calls me Slacker. What better way to keep reminding myself of this than to name my blog after it. I'll be putting all kinds of random stuff in this blog, but nothing too terribly personal. I don't yet know who I'll let read it, so I don't want to embarrass myself by telling the world I like to be spanked. I mean, that I'm in love with Gordon Ramsay. I'm not worried about Gordon finding out, but rather, his wife. She could probably kick my you-know-what.


  1. I am going to bug you for more comical post..good job on the first one.:)

  2. If you told Gordon you liked to be spanked, he'd have you shouting "Yes, Chef!" in no time, I betcha. Just sayin...