Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Buffet Time In The 'Hood

I came home from running errands, and saw this yearling moose next door. There's a mother with a couple of year-old calves that run around the neighborhood and eat our landscaping. The moose aren't dumb, they only eat nice expensive ornamental trees, bushes and shrubs. Sometimes they eat the tulip greens as they poke through the earth. Sometimes they eat Dion's lilac bush. But you know, that's OK. That's what moose do. They also poop, but that's another story. Urban moose are an everyday sight here, but it's still cool enough that we point them out every time we see one. Usually, the cows and calves are out in the open, but on rare occasions you can see a bull. It's a pretty awesome sight to see a bull in the Fall with a full rack.


  1. That is cool- and I can't believe how much snow you still have!

  2. Loove it..:) and check you out, your blog looks all nice and pretty..:)