Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Favorite Things #2


I'm going to say it. I love Milli Vanilli. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed to admit it, either. I'll say it loud and proud. I don't care if the songs were lip-synched, I love the songs! I don't care if Rob and Fab had to give back their Grammy, they were victims of the cut-throat record industry. They were young when they were discovered in a club in Berlin. They were given money, clothes, women, and all they had to do was perform on stage.

The first time I heard this album was October 1989. My mom, brother and I went on a road trip to Fairbanks, which is a 6 hour drive give or take. My brother brought his Milli Vanilli cassette tape, and we probably listened to it 3 or 4 times during the trip. There was just something about being in a pickup truck with my mom and brother for over 12 hours listening to "Blame it on the Rain". I fell in love with that album, and we still talk about that trip.

In November 2000, my brother came to visit and borrowed my mom's brand new car. I gave him my much loved Milli Vanilli tape to listen to in the car. While he was out, he called me at work in a panic. I thought he had wrecked my our mom's car. It turns out, when he put my tape in the stereo system, the stereo ATE my cassette. After I counted to ten, I asked him why couldn't he have wrecked her car!!!! The car is insured, but they stopped selling Milli Vanilli tapes ten years ago!! What was I to do? Oh but wait, I had recently discovered EBAY, so we went online and ordered not one but TWO CD's! woohoo! Life was worth living again!

I still have that CD, and I even made one of the songs into a ringtone to alert me when my brother calls me. Twenty years later, that little album has gone from cassette tape, to and EBAY CD, to an MP3 file, to my phone. Now THAT'S a classic!


  1. The very best thing about technology is the ability to make things into ringtones so you can remember good times when people you love call!

  2. AND my captcha was RAINT for the comment above this one- that's awesome!

  3. The Milli Vanilli forces move in mysterious ways, and always for Good, never Evil :D