Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sparkly Clean Refrigerator


Bill and I spent last Friday cleaning out the refrigerator because we're just that kind of exciting. I didn't take a "before" photo, so you'll just have to pretend to be thoroughly amazed at the difference. I didn't think it was that bad, but when Bill took out the shelving and took apart the bins, oh goodness it was icky! We didn't have to throw out too much because I've been pretty vigilant about getting rid of old stuff, but the surfaces took a bit of cleaning *blech*

Once we got everything back in it, Bill thought it looked a little empty. He's got to be kidding!! What all do we need? The problem is Bill tends to see an empty refrigerator as some sort of statement about our household income. I see it as a statement on our not wasting food. We had just gone to the liquor store the night before, so it looks like we have a lot of booze. There's only about half of that now, hehe. I think he thinks it looks empty because it's nice and bright in there now. Honestly, I don't know how food that's IN a container gets on the walls. Seriously, does anyone know? It's crazy! This is definitely a semi-annual job *blech*

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  1. Isn't the mustard supposed to be kept upside-down? That's probably why everything ends up all over- you store your condiments improperly!