Friday, April 17, 2009

My Husband Loves Me

On day 3 of our little jaunt to Colorado, I was feeling a bit under the weather. OK, I was a bit hungover. I had had quite a bit to drink the night before, and was very irritated that I wasn't at home with my daughter. You name it, I drank it. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant, so I drank margaritas. Four to be precise. Then we went to a bar across the street, and I had duck farts. They're made with Kahlua, Bailey's, and Crown Royal. It's shot drink, and they go down soooo nicely. I had three because I'm just that kind of lush-y. I moved on to straight Kahlua and Cream after that. I know I had two, but it could have been three. Folks, it was just that kind of evening, and I needed to forget I could walk upright.

Poor Bill. He got the full brunt of my drunken attitude. I wasn't being mouthy or staggering around, but if he said left, I said right. If he said up, I said "don't tell me what to do!". *groan* I did all but burn up my phone battery because I was texting Cassandra all.night.long. She was two hours behind me, so it's not like she was sleeping. But drunk-texting my 13 year old is not going get me Mother of the Year. I bought her some earrings, so maybe it evened out. I missed her so much, though. I suppose all children need material for their future therapy, so I was happy to oblige.

What does this have to do with Bill loving me? I'll tell you! The next morning, I was feeling a little rough. This would be the aforementioned hangover I wrote about in the first paragraph. Bill and I had breakfast, then he said he wanted to take me to the Outlet Mall at Loveland. Oh boy, I thought. Just what I don't want to do, walk around a bunch of stores to look at things I won't buy because we don't need it, or it won't fit in our suitcase.

So we're driving and driving, going over speedbumps and slamming to a halt at the 473729 stop signs in the parking lot. I thought he was doing it on purpose to get back at me for my binge the night before.

But then, he turned the corner.

And there...there it was.


Where I bought this


My world was put into perspective. Bill understood how I felt, I had a return ticket home, and Cassandra would be able to speak to her therapist with confidence and her head held high. Life made sense again.


  1. It's not only Cassandra who's glad you're home, Dion. We missed you tons! :o)

  2. OMG!!! I love you hubby!! I love the purse and bring on the duck farts!

  3. AND since Coach is so lovely and everything, C will be able to use it when you've "outgrown" it.. or, you know, pawn it to pay for therapy.